Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

Lately I have been going through a few things in my life that have me filling my head with less thenLaw of Attraction positive thoughts. I don’t want to say negative because they aren’t but they defiantly have me feeling down and the more that I think about them the worse that it gets. I realize that the way I am feeling is not as bad as it seems to be or what I am projecting in my head so why does it seem to be getting worse and worse when ever I think about it?

Well that is simple. Its called the law of attraction and the more thoughts that I bring into my mind about my seemingly stressful situation the worse that it seems to get. My thoughts are like a magnet to the universe and whatever I am thinking the more that will keep piling on top of one another. You see, you become what you think most about, but you also attract what you think about most.

Your life as you are living it at this point in your life is a direct reflection of all your past thoughts. Whether they are great or not so great, you have attracted all of it into your life. It is very easy to see that all your thoughts become actual things in your life.

If you are thinking a certain thought over and over and over again you are sending out energy frequencies attracting whatever it is you are thinking about right back to your soul. Like I said before, our thoughts are like magnets and whatever you are thinking will magnetize right back to you.

Negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive. Think positive and positive things will come your way. Think negative and negative things will attract your way.

Thoughts are magnetic and they have a certain frequency. Whatever you think, those thoughts are thrown out into the universe and will attract all things that are similar to those thoughts, good or bad, and like a boom-a-rang, all those thoughts always return to the main source, you!

The Power of the Law of Attraction

So how do you attract less of what you want and more of what you do want? Well it can be tricky. Most people think that by thinking about the things that we don’t want we will in turn attract the things that we do want, but by thinking about the things that we don’t want we are actually being negative.

Make sense?

The way in which you speak has to be very precise for it to come back to you in a positive way. Therefore the law of attraction will give you exactly what you are saying to yourself. For example, you may be in financial pain right now and in a lot of debt. You might be saying: “I really hate being in this much debt and I am getting really sick of it”. By saying these things and feeling these things you are actually attracting more of it into your life. And what you attract you get more of.

The law of attraction can not tell the difference between “don’t”, “not” and “no” or any other negative words. For example: “I don’t want to be in debt” translates to the universe as “I want more debt”. Whatever you are thinking about the universe gives to you!

So now if i go back to how I have been feeling lately in my life, it makes sense as to why this is happening! What I am thinking is creating my life as it is right now! And because I keep thinking and thinking and thinking about the same thing, more of it keeps getting piled up on top of it creating more of what I do not want to be thinking about, which of course just makes it worse. You see, what you think about most or what you focus on the most is what will always appear in your life.

Think of your thoughts as a seed, what you grow and how you nourish it will depend on how great that plant will appear. If you have ever had a garden you know exactly what I am talking about here.

Using the Power of The Law of Attraction

And with that knowledge I know that I can turn any thoughts around just by changing the way that I am thinking. All I have to do is emit a different frequency into the universe and I will attract more of what I want and less of what I don’t want. I am a manifestation of the total of thoughts that are always going on in my head and what I am projecting out in the universe. I am in total control of my life.

So if you too are feeling like you are attracting a lot of things that you do not want into your life, please know that you can change all this around. Take a good look at your life and what is happening in it right now. Think about what you are saying and what thoughts you are projecting out in to the universe and think about how you can change those around into what you actually want to be getting back. Don’t think or say the things that you don’t want, say what you DO want. If you don’t want debt, do not say “I don’t want to be in debt” instead say “I am wealthy and financially free” and picture yourself in that life that you want. That is what you will attract from the universe!

I hope that this has helped you!

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much love,


8 Tips for Network Marketing Success

8 Tips for Network Marketing Success8 Tips for Network Marketing Success

1. Find and work for an established company that oozes passion and integrity! With all the Network Marketing companies out there today it is important to do your research before beginning your journey with any one of them. Make sure that this is a company that provides the nessesary tools and resources to guide you towards your own success story. Make sure that they have a legit compensation plan that is detailed and outlined.

2.  Find and work for an established company that provides products that will get you excited and feel proud to share. These products need to serve a real purpose that will give people real results that they too can share. Always stay away from products that have no testimonials and all hype. Your business as well as yourself need to be able to stand behind the products that you are sharing.

3. You need to know about the products that you are sharing with others but you do not need to know everything to get started. A lot of people think that in order to begin their journey in any company they must first learn everything little thing that there is to know about that product. Yes it is nice to know a few things to feel confident but by trying the product out and being able to stand behind it is your first step to being able to sell it or share it with others. You are your greatest asset and if people trust you then what you say will always count. So instead of standing there wandering what to say just go for it. Trust in your inner self and know that your heart and soul will always guide you towards the best actions. Earn while you learn is what I was taught to do.

4. Every great Network Marketing Company has great training tools and resources, so take advantage of this! Login to your back office daily and listen to podcasts, watch webinars, go to events, read product information, join Facebook affiliate groups. Find others within that Network Marketing Company that have done well and learn what you can from them.

5. When you start enrolling new people into your Network Marketing Business, stay away from pitching them your business. Always keep in mind that your business will always be about your customer. Find out what their pains are, what they struggle with and how you can help find a solution to their problem. Find a solution to their problem and you will have no need to pitch your business to them. Create a relationship of trust so that you can then show them the endless possibilities of your business! If you always create business associates like this you are then showing them how to co-create their business in the same way (if they decide to venture into that with you.)  Building relationships is the best way to build any lasting business.

6. We live in a world full of instant technology, take advantage of that! If you have a laptop or even a cell phone, you can work just about anywhere in this beautiful world that we live in. We no longer have to be sitting at our desk at home or in an office with a landline connected to a wall to be able to communicate with others. With the use of social media we are able to get our messages across in many different forms. Connect with others through the use of U-Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, FaceTime, LinkedIn, Instagram. The options are endless! Get out of your comfort zone and get uncomfortable and learn how to communicate via other means. Your business will thank you!

7. Skip the Competition and learn to build other up and work together towards common goals! When starting your own business you want to stay motivated just as mush as you want your team members to stay motivated. What better way to stay motivated then to help cheer other associates involved in your same business on? Learn to recognize that we are all in this game of life together, sometimes struggling but all working towards a common goal. Motivation is key to connecting with those goals!

8. There will always be someone that has been very successful in any given business, find that person! First you need to decide what it is you want to accomplish within your business. What are your dreams, what do you want to attain financially and spiritually? Who do you want to be with and what does that all look like to you? Second, you want to find someone who has what it is that you want. Maybe they are within your Network Marketing Company company or maybe they are someone from another company. Whoever it is find out what they did to gain their success and then do exactly that. Do not re-invent the wheel. There are reasons that they have become so successful. Don’t try and overload yourself with tons of different ideas from many avenues. Stick to a couple great business people and walk in their shoes towards your own success!

I hope that this has helped you!

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much love,

Dani’el Norman

This Simple Idea Will Make You A lot Of Money!

 Simple Idea That will Make you A Lot Of Money!

First off this is not a post where I try to share with you some magical internet hocus pokus. This isThis Simple Idea Will Make You A lot Of Money, Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, MLM, MLSP, Isagenix, MOBE a post that will determine whether or not you make a little or a lot of money in your Internet Marketing business.

It is about delivering a lot of value to your customers and how to make an amazing profit from helping others. What I will NOT be teaching you is a bunch of crap on joining a business and getting rich in 30 days. I know and you should know that this is just not possible.

In order to build a business that you love you need to constantly be providing value. No great business has ever been built on lies and greed.

If you agree to follow what I am about to teach you then you will soon find out that you will be able to work less, read less, study less, stress less and be able to in turn do the things that you love to do all the while still helping others. Not only will you be making more money but you will also be involved with an amazing company that was built on creating value and helping those who look up to you.

I will teach you to work smarter not harder (cause really who wants to work more then they actually have to right?!), help people in the process, earn while you help and run a stress free business that you truly love!

What the Rich people know that you do not know!

Rich people know that in business you need to position yourself so that people want what you have.

Most people have the mindset that in order to acquire wealth you must work your butt off 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Rich people know that it is not smart to trade their time for money.

In order to not have to do that one must simplify their business to doing just a few things rather then a lot and take out all the distractions.

 Ever hear of the 80/20 rule? Rich people know this rule very well.

80/20 Rule:

20% of your efforts will produce 80% of your results.

80% of your efforts will produce 20% of your results.

Rich people focus on the 20% that gets them 80% of their results.

This is called leveraging your business. No one wants to work until they are mentally and physically tired.

Its time to work smarter not harder!

One simple Idea That Will Give You Massive Results

Most people overlook the simplest idea that will bring their business massive results. This simple idea is the exact reasons why your business will be successful and others will be wandering why they can’t seem to get those same results, time and time again. Most will stay broke while jumping from business to business and from one shiny object to the next.

Sooooo……are you ready to hear what this simple idea is yet???

Its called “Providing Massive Value For Your Customers”

I know…..Pretty simple right?

So simple that it works over and over and over again.

Not yet sold on the idea?


Check out the company called “Starbucks”. This is a business and service that provides amazing customer service paired with premium products and environment in which to sit down in.

Starbucks is the leading coffee brand worldwide. How did it get that way? Simple. By focusing on not only creating an amazing coffee but also through the experience that is presented to you once you walk through their doors.

In order to create that experience the owner traveled the world to see for himself what different coffee houses were like, to try different coffee ground flavours, how people interacted and how the coffee houses were set up.

He wanted his coffee house to feel like it was your own home. From the first smells of the coffee when you walk in, to the sounds of the coffee machines, to the way everything was set up for social interaction.

When you make your business one that creates a vision, a feeling of trust, a feeling of finally being “home”, you are able to charge $5.00 for a cup of coffee where somewhere else you will be charged $1.50. People will pay top dollar for an amazing experience when they know that they will get it time and time again.

Yes, I know what some of you are Now Thinking

You have heard all of this before, right? I want you to keep your mind open and listen to what I am telling you. I base everything that I write on my own experiences and feel that it is important that I share what I have learnt. I want you to avoid all the mistakes that I made in the past so that you are able to fast forward your own business.

The best internet marketers in this business make sure to over-deliver everything that they provide so much so that you feel like you are stealing information from them for FREE.

But then you get those internet marketers who “say” that they deliver value but then they send you to a new offer every single day trying to get you to buy the next shiniest items out there just so that THEY can make a fast dollar but leaving you to fend for yourself. That is not value at all!

In order to provide consistent and complete value to your customers you must be willing to teach and find solutions to other peoples problems. In order to make a million dollars a year you must be willing to provide exceeded value that is worth 2 million or even 10 million dollars. People need to know that you care and they can trust you and that you will be the answers that they seek.

Over deliver and people will keep coming back to you for more. That is value.

Use being Kind to your Financial Advantage

You do not need to know everything in this business to make a lot of money online. Just by being amazing, over delivering and trying to help as many people as you can, you will see the money flood in!

24 hours a day, 7 days a week you need to create value and keep pushing that value. People need to think that they owe you for giving them so much value all the time. It is a very normal feeling for someone to feel like they need to give back to someone when all they are doing is constantly giving them value.

You always need to be of service to others, pushing value and creating new information to share. You will get a lot more back in return if you make the decision to run your business in this way instead of expecting people to always buy from you.

People will always buy from individuals that they like and trust. When they trust that they can always count on you to provide constant value they will then trade their money with you.

Do not Hunt, instead you must Give

Answer me this: Would you rather go around pitching your business to every single person that you meet online and offline just to be denied pretty much every single time? (Which leaves you nothing but being frustrated and BROKE!)


Would you rather focus on providing your customers with consistent value that will help you grow your business each and everyday? Creating trust and a following that will eventually give you momentum to make money each and every day?

You see when you pitch your business to others it just annoys people. You annoy them; they get peeved off and they will never want to deal with you or your business again.

Real leaders in this industry provide VALUE that way they don’t need to pitch. People become very attracted to their business because of the value that they are constantly giving. They create a band of followers that look to their every word and look and wait for new information to be released. Real leaders have a vision for both themselves as well as their potential customers.

People want to be apart of a business that is run in such a way, they will want to work with you and will buy from you time and time again.

When you focus on value and helping others get what they want, you in turn get what you want.

When you focus on creating and providing value you become one of the 1% of online marketers who know what they are doing. The rest of the 99% of marketers are out their pitching their business and basically annoying everyone. Set yourself apart from the 99% and you will do very well in this business.

99% of online marketers focus on themselves and never stop to think about other people. They are completely money driven waiting for their next sale to come in. As the 1% who actually gives a crap about whether others succeed or not you will be seen as a giant fresh breath of air on a beautiful sunny spring day. You will be set apart as a leader and not a beggar.

Help others find solutions to their problems instead of pushing products down peoples throats and trying to trick them into buying from you.

Ok Dani’el So how do I provide this Value??

The way to provide value in this business is by teaching someone how to do something that they do not already know how to do. This is how you begin to create credibility within your business.

First you Learn how to do something, then you Do it yourself, then you are going to Teach what you just learnt to everyone else.

You can first focus on your strengths, teach what you know and then begin learning new things to teach. It’s all up to you, you decide.

But remember you are not just creating content about anything and everything. Focus on your market, on your niche.

What kind of business are you are apart of?

Start making notes on everything that is involved in making your business work. There are so many avenues to take. For example; Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, U-Tube marketing, Copywriting, Email Marketing Blogging, traffic generation. The list goes on….

A great way to build credibility is once you learn something and maybe you really love it, you can really start to put all your attention into teaching that. For example, Facebook marketing. Find out all that you know on that subject and become the guru for others wanting to learn more about that. If you create great value and give people what they need to better their own business they will keep coming back to you for more and they will also recommend you to others in that niche.

So now that you know that you need to pick what you are going to teach and possibly what you might specialize in you now need to figure out who your target customer is going to be.

Your Core Customer

This is where I first failed in this industry. I was trying to market to everyone when I should have had a set type of customer to market to.

You want to be serving one demographic. It might take you months to figure this out but you need to figure it out. You need to figure out every single thing that you can about your core customer.

You can find this out by researching the Internet, going on different forums, Facebook, different social media platforms and even going as far as sending out surveys. You need to know their pains, what they struggle with, how much money they make and would like to make.

When you are able to figure this out then you are able to target these people with laser targeted posts, videos, emails, and Facebook posts. Every piece of content that you put out into the world should be directly targeting this one core customer.

When you learn to target that core customer you are then able to get 80% of your results from 20% of your efforts.

When you know this type of customer you can then deliver them value over and over and over again.

Value can be Very Subjective

The customer places a value on what they are willing to pay for and if it is really worth it to them to pay that certain amount. It has nothing to do with what it is actually worth. Everyone’s opinion is different and what one person may value high, the other may value low.

Value is what someone is willing to pay for something based on how much value they see in what it is you are offering.

It is important to know your market because when you are able to understand that market, what it is that they need, want, their struggles and you then turn around and provide amazing value to them you are able to charge whatever you want because they see you as a leader in that niche.

You are able to provide your own high-ticket offer for $10,000 and then you only need 10 customers per year to make that $100,000 a year goal.

This is real life and not at all crazy to do. Step out of your mental box and stop limiting yourself. Like I said time and time again already, provide amazing value, target your core customer, position your offer right and you will only need a few customers to reach that income bracket that you are aiming for.

Leveraging High Ticket Products

If you have started an online marketing business you are most likely looking for time freedom and financial freedom.

Most people online start out selling low-ticket items usually ranging from $5.00 to $99.00. Which is a great way to start out but it will defiantly not get you rich.

If you sell 500 $5.00 products each month you are only going to make $2500.00 a month. That’s a lot of work for so little return don’t you think?

Whereas if you are to sell only 5 $2000.00 products a month you will make $10,000.00 a month. Now you are making great money for the time you are putting in.

When you understand your core customer you are then able to scale your business a lot faster.

There are products a lot higher then $2000.00 selling on the Internet. For some that may seem overwhelming but its true. Some people think that it is hard to sell high ticket items but in reality that is not true. People will always buy what they see value in. It begins with knowing who your core customer is and learning to position yourself properly.

This is why I like to focus my attention on promoting High Ticket Affiliate Programs.

I am able to make more money per each customer I help and then sell too. I put a lot less time into marketing within my business and in turn I have reoccurring income that I can count on day in and day out.

In order to leverage your business in a way that creates time freedom for you and your family you are either going to want to start creating your own high ticket offers or find a really great high-ticket product to promote.

The Advantage of High Ticket Products

Yes you make more money per customer when you are selling high-ticket products but it isn’t just about making more money. There are many other advantages to this high-end ticket.

High Ticket Products allow you to:

~ Spend more on traffic generation to help scale your business faster.

~ Buy more traffic more frequently because you are making more on a daily basis which then equals more sales.

~ Buy traffic sources that your competitors cannot yet afford.

~ Hire people to help you do the things within your business that you do not want to do so that you can scale your business and have more time freedom.

So while others are struggling to make $5000.00 a month you are able to scale your business while leveraging the power of high ticket products. There is true power in leveraging this type of system.

To Sum It All Up!

I just shared with you the secret to any success online (or any business for that matter!).

In order to create success and run a business where you are not constantly begging people to join your business you need to constantly be over delivering value.

Learn, Do, Teach. Create ways in which to teach others to draw people into your business. Teach first what you know and then continue to learn. Always be sharing your knowledge. (There is always going to be someone that knows less then you)

You will never ever get very far by always expecting someone to just join your business. Focus on making other peoples lives a beautiful life and helping to solve their problems. The money will come to you when you start doing this.

Money is about value and what others see in that value. One valued item to you will not be valued by another. Find like-minded people and find your core customer who finds the same value as you do and this is your starting point.

I hope that you enjoyed this article. If you have not already done so make sure to subscribe to my email list to make sure that you get all of my important business tips to help you grow your business!

much love!

Dani’el Norman

How Negative Thoughts Are Ruining Your Life

How Your Beliefs Affect Your Choices

You are unhappy, you are miserable and you feel stuck. It is a comfortable feeling because you have lived it everyday for months and most possibly even years now. You have come to not expect anything from anyone nor from the world around you. You do not grow, you do not press forward and you keep staying stuck. Negative thoughts come into your mind each day growing as the days move forward. You feel that you cannot get out of it and you feel like you will never be able to attain all that you want in this life. Your goals seem like a very distant enthusiastic memory that is now very unattainable.

Know that in this life you are ALWAYS moving forward and never backward. Your faith in yourself can always be restored. There will always be times where you feel no growth within your being. We feel that there is not much going on for yourself but please know that growth is happening whether you know or believe it or not! You need to always have faith and believe that things WILL get better.

Every Setback is Simply a Setup for a Comeback

That belief within your soul will always fight that which you have no control over. With that belief you will be able to come out on top and in your favour. With knowledge, faith, experience and life lessons you are always moving forward and you will always come out better off then you were before. Every setback is simply a setup for a comeback.

No matter how low you feel your life has gone in the past it is very possible for your life to go justEvery Setback is a setup for a comeback as high and then as high as you want it to go! No matter what has happened to you in the past or even what is happening to you right now you can have all that you want in this life. Maybe you have encountered abuse, sickness, bankruptcy, a horrible childhood, poverty or lack of structure. That is in the past and it can stay in the past if you allow yourself to use those events as stepping-stones to new beginnings. Every hardship in your life will only take you higher and higher, for you now know better. Once you know something you cannot pretend that you don’t know. You know what you want and what you don’t want and most importantly you know what you will stand up for and what you no longer will stand for.

Always believe that the forces that stand with you are far greater then the forces that are against you. You can battle anything that comes your way for you are armed with much strength for every battle you encounter.

Our Spirit is much Bigger than our Perceptions

When you are determined to do better and be better not only does your mind become clearer but also your soul becomes stronger and that much more determined to keep moving forward towards your goals.

Visualize those goals and keep them locked into your mind. Lets your goals take root, alwaysOur spirit is much bigger than our perceptions. watering them and nurturing them. When doubts enter your mind push them out of your mind with that greater belief deep within yourself. It happens much to often that we allow our minds to take over that of our soul. We allow the negativity of the world around us to make decisions for us when the one that we should be listening to is our own selves! The answers that you seek live within you. Those answers will direct you towards the right path.

It is so easy to look towards the future with doubt and a sense of uneasiness. You have no clue how you will get out of debt or how your business will grow and produce more sales, or how your child will finally get themselves on track, or how you will gain that relationship that you have always wanted. In the world we live in this can all seem impossible to turn around, but if we can truly look within ourselves and trust what we already know then you know that it is indeed possible for everything to work out in your favour! Belief is all that you need. Learn to walk by this faith and not by what you see right in front of you for our perceptions can be false. Our spirit is much bigger than our perceptions.

 Positive and Negative Space

Do not allow negativity to be drawn into your life by creating it within yourself. Fight the urge to agree with whatever the physical world is telling you. The more negativity that you allow in the more that you will not believe. Listen to your spirit, your soul, your inner voice, that feeling within that you cannot push away. Those are the true answers and that is where the positivity lies. Think positive and more positivity will arrive, think negativity and more negativity will appear.

When you stay set in your faith and you believe in what you are feeling within you, you will always hear what it is you need to hear. The voice is there deep within you; you just need to be willing to listen and to KEEP listening.

Positive Mindset

Your best days are still yet to come. Nothing is to hard when you just believe! So get rid of that negative mindset, get rid of the mindset of being constantly defeated, get rid of the “I cant” mentality. This way of thinking no longer serves you! Instead put on your positive mindset, that “I can” attitude and push forward!

And please remember, your past is in the past and all that you have is NOW. Your future depends on the choices that you make today!

Much love,


Your Life, Your Rules, Your Dreams!

Stop Wishing!!

Today is a completely new day, full of possibilities and new ideas! Opportunities are everywhere; looking you directly in the face! And in actuality opportunities are ALWAYS looking you in the face. Its up to you to have your eyes open to them!!

The only reason that you can’t see them is because you are to busy making excuses as to WHY you can’t see them.

All the time people are saying that they wish they had more money, they wish that they could have a new car, they wish that they could get out of debt, they wish that they could go on vacation, they wish that they could get a bigger house, they wish that they could lose weight, they wish, they wish, they wish……ENOUGH WISHING!!!! 

Well first off, wishing will get you know where, and second the opportunity to have ALL that you wish has probley been presented to you many MANY times.

Your Wish will be Presented as Hard Work!

You see the wish will not present itself as you want it to be presented. No one is going to pay off your debt for you, no one is going to buy you a new house, no one is going to give you truck loads of money, no one is going to lose the weight for you. BUT an opportunity will present itself to you in order for you to acquire all that you wish. And it will be in the shape of hard, daily, consistent WORK.

If you do not want to work for all that you wish to have then you will NEVER have all that you wish to have.

Some may think that that is very harsh to say, but it is the truth. Success comes through hard work.Your Life, Your Rules, Your Dreams, Make money Online, MTTB, MOBE No successful being was ever completly handed what they wished to have; they had to go through the ropes to attain it in one form or another.

You will be rewarded for your hard work. NOT by sitting on the side lines doing nothing. Are you tired yet of just sitting on the sidelines??

Do you feel happy doing the things that you repeatedly do, day in and day out?

Do you feel like you are just an average person?

Do you ever wish, just for one moment that you could spend a day in the life that you only wish for yourself?

If the answer to that is yes, don’t worry! I used to as well!

Then, after being sick and tired of being sick and tired, thinking in the same ways, doing everything the same way day in and day out, I came to my own inner conclusion that I had enough! I was tired of doing nothing. I was tired of the excuses that I was supplying to myself!

I realized that I no longer had what it takes to be average. And I wanted more! :)

More Doing, Less Learning!

Up until a few months ago I had barely any drive to continue with my online business. I made excuses why I could not do it, I kept buying product after product thinking that I had to “perfect” my brain and “know everything” there was to know about everything before I could start to make any money at all.

I came to learn that, that is not the way to go about this business. Yes you have a lot of learning to do BUT making money in this business does not come from just learning. It is learning as you go but doing daily tasks that will make you money each day!

Now I am implementing as I learn. And that is the best part.

Who cares if you make mistakes? Who cares if people say no! Who cares if it takes you months to learn? Who cares if it takes you a couple years to make your first million? Who cares right?!?

The time is going to pass anyways so you might as well doing something valuable for yourself as this times goes by. I mean, you are never going to get it back. The clock will never turn back time and you are not getting any younger.

Start Today!

The key to any business is to just start! Seriously! what do you have to lose my friend?? Make every day count in this beautiful life of yours!

Work slowly if you have to, work fast if you can! This is your life, your rules, your dreams, YOUR financial freedom.

……..Because you know what?

YOU don’t have what it takes to be average either ;)

Heres to YOUR success!!

Much love!

Dani’el Norman

Email Marketing Online

Email Marketing Online


Email Marketing, Email Marketing 101, Email Marketing tipsSo, you have your autoresponder all set up, you have traffic leads coming in and you are ready to start making some serious cash. But oh!! Wait, the emails that you are sending out…..are you doing them properly? Are they getting the attention that they deserve? Are they even being opened??

If not, I think I might know part of the problem.

First off email marketing is and always will be the number 
one way to make a lot of money in the online business world.

 But….if your emails that are being sent out do not have a good subject line, a line that catch’s peoples attention
 then you are most likely leaving a lot of potential clients and money out of your reach.

All it can take is to make some simple, tiny changes to all your email marketing subject 
lines, and it could result in double the open rates or

Which then of course could result in twice the amount of money that you make per email that you send out to your list.

And that’s what you are trying to do right? Build a business and make money??

Depending on the size of your email autoresponder list, just from you taking the time to test,
tweak, and use the highest converting subject
lines for what you are marketing, you could potentially experience four, all the way up to
seven figure cash increases. And of course that will depend solely on how big your list is, the value you are giving to your potential customers as well as you first need them to open up that email!!

You may not have realized it before but that is why it is so important that the subject line stands out and makes people want to open it! It’s very important to your business that you take the time to perfect that.

It could mean huge dollars being added to your bank accounts with very little
 extra work involved in doing so.

“But Dani’el, I have no clue how to do that!” Well, I am about to give you a few tips to help you so listen up ;)

Email Marketing Tips 101:

- Use attention-grabbing subject lines.

- Look at what 90% of the subject lines in your ideal
customer’s inbox are, and then write the exact
opposite. (Most people are doing it wrong)

- Never try to trick or fool your list to open your emails. (That’s a
quick way to lose trust and the sale! Remember you are not only trying to sell your product but you are also selling yourself and creating an image for yourself, so don’t screw it up by lying to people)

- Tell them directly what’s inside each of your emails.

- Use numbers and other symbols in occasional
emails. (5 Ways to… 3 Secrets to… The #1 way to…)

And so on..I think you get the drift.

There are tons of ways to increase your email open 
rates, and I am going to give you the best advice that I was given and that is to spend a few hours 
researching what you don’t know and learning all that you can, and then just get out
there writing your emails and subject lines and start split-testing one subject line against
 one another. Its all you can do to get better and better.

I do this all the time and will never stop. You should always be testing your audience to see what will work best for your business and making more money.

Branding Yourself

So now that we have that covered there is something that will always be much more important then an email or an email subject line, and that my friend is the Name Field. That is your name. The name that when your email arrives in their email box, is what everyone will see. When people see that name there is a feeling attached to it. How does your name make others react when they see it?

Think about it for a moment, there are emails that you receive from a
 specific person or company, and no matter what the
subject line is, their name grabs your attention and
you open whatever they email you. OR the exact opposite happens as well. There are many emails that you most likely receive and delete right away.

You want them look for your email everyday, you want them to open it as soon as they see it or later when they have a few more minutes, but no matter what you want them to open it.

In order for that to happen you must become someone that people know, love/like and trust. Like I said before there are feelings that come with emails and if they know love/like and trust you then they will open it because they enjoy the feeling that they get from hearing and reading what you have to say.

That is ten times more important than any creative subject 
line that you can think up.

You want people excited to open your emails. Like it’s
the highlight of their day. (And for some, it really will be!)

And I promise, with just a little extra thought put into your emails, you
 can very easily do this. ANYONE can. (If I can do this anyone can!!)

Email Marketing Tips:

Be yourself in your emails and not someone that you think people want to hear from. Be vulnerable in your emails, don’t try to be Mr. Perfect or
like some “ideal” fake person. People will resonate with you for you, not someone that you are not. You never want to give the wrong impression of yourself.

Speak from that voice within you that no one else has. You are completely unique to the next person, so be that person that you TRULY are.

Add constant and consistent value ALL THE TIME, without having some 
hidden agenda or always expecting something back in
 return. You are building relationships here, do not try and take before you have even given anything of yourself yet. People need to see they can trust you, so build that trust.

Share your personal stories, great and not so great moments from your life, make videos, 
share your pictures, and let them see your face etc… (I have actually just started this recently and I have received many Facebook requests from it, which is also awesome for your business)

I know all this information might seem a little overwhelming at first and it does not mean that you need to do all of them right away but just pick a couple things that you want to change and try them out. Once you have those mastered then add a few more. It will get you moving and allow you to scale your business a little more and you will see some great results.

And with more great results comes more confidence that you are on the right track.

Another thing that I was taught is to read a few of your favorite peoples emails each day. Pick 2-3 emailers that you have subscribed to and read them daily.

When you are reading them ask yourself “Why?”. Why do  you love them some much, what is it about them that catches your attention and keeps bringing you in for more??

Was it something specific that they do in their emails?

Are they entertaining, or always giving you value?

Find out what it is, and see what you can take from their emails and implement into your own. Eventually your penmanship will be automatic and you will always know just what to write to get peoples attention and have them hooked on you.

I hope that this has helped you!

If you have not yet done so make sure to subscribe to my Free Online Business Bootcamp where you will receive many more online business tips to help you scale your business even more!

Much love,

Dani’el Norman

What you say is what you get, you are how you speak, your words are your future

Your Present Words are Your Future

Speak Positivity Over Your Life

Did you know that the more that you talk about something the more you will  draw that into yourself, into your soul ? Almost as if you are feeding the talk. Every word that you say whether it is negative or positive has meaning for your life.

Speak negativity and that is what you will get. When you consistently talk about your negativity this becomes your reality. If you wake up each morning and tell yourself that this is going to be a shitty day and that you are so tired and you hate having to get up to get your kids off to school and you hate your job…. well guess what? If that is what you are telling yourself then that will be your life.

You cannot talk defeat and expect to have victory.

To many people talk negatively about themselves, their loved ones, their co-workers, their children and about their futures. Such things like “I will never be successful”, “my children never behave”, “my business will never make me any money”, “my spouse will never understand me”, “my life sucks”.

What they do not realize when they say this is that they are stating their own future.

What you Say is What you get!

What you say is what you get, you are how you speak, your words are your future

What ever you say is what you will get. In order for your life to get better then you need to talk in a way in which you want your life to succeed. You cannot say that you have nothing or never will have nothing and expect to have all that  you want. You will get what you produce from your very own mouth.

Instead, if you are thinking and verbalizing this negative talk then turn it around. Don’t talk about the problem, talk about the solution and how you are going to change that. Say the opposite of whatever you are feeling. That way you are not talking about how you are feeling right now you are instead talking about how you want to be and feel in the future.

When you speak positively about yourself and situations then you are verbalizing positivity into your own life with your own ears hearing it. Out of your mouth and into your own ears. If you wake up feeling that you are tired and cranky and have no energy DO NOT SAY IT, instead tell yourself that you are strong and full of energy and this very day will be an awesome day! Change the way that you think and you will change the way you feel. When you change the way that you feel you will have more optimism and energy to do the things that you do not want to do. You will see everything in a brand new light and that is when your circumstances will begin to change.

Speak faith over your future not death.

With Faith Your life Will Prosper!

Some of you may be thinking how can anything good come of all of that. You may be thinking I have been in this situation way to long for anything great to happen. Everything around you is telling you that life will remain the same for you. I am here to tell you that you have the power to change everything for yourself. When one door closes another one is opened for you.

If you make the decision to change the way that you think, you will have closed the door to all that you have known to do and be and you will change the course of your own life. Your present situation is not permanent if you do not want it to be. You can change your future. A great door will open for you and you can accomplish all that you wish to have.

Each of us has goals, dreams and aspirations to attain. The ideas that have been presented to you were put in your heart for a reason. The images that you see for yourself were put there because they are meant to be there. This is your future.

You feel like your business is not scaling as fast as you like and  you feel temped to quit but then you also have visions of the beach and vacations and a bigger house, or helping children in need come to mind. These visions are being places within you for a reason. You were meant for great things.

To many times when things do not manifest as fast as you would like them to you start to get negative and think that you cannot do this or that your idea will never work. The truth is, is that it will work but it just needs more time.

Stay the Course!

So many quit before they have even given their situation a chance. Do not let your mind and your emotions make the decisions for you in your life. If you stay on course and take daily consistent action you WILL be rewarded. It may not be when YOU want it to happen and it may not happen the way that you WANT it to happen, but it WILL come for you.

If you keep faith in yourself and in the universe then you will never be let down. Quit being worried, quit talking harshly about the things that have not yet happened, quit cursing your future, your family and the financial situation that you are in.

Have faith and keep working  towards your goals.

I hope that this has helped you.

much love,

Dani’el Norman





To Make Money Online You Actually Have To Start!

Dream BIG! Start Making Money!

I have had many messages lately asking me about my business, how to get results, what do they need to do to start, how do they know if this is a good opportunity for them, etc, etc…..etc.

Well my answer to ALL of that is that in order to know you actually have to start!

Most people put their dreams on the back burner because the thought of how long it will take to achieve those results will take way to long for them. They fear the long hours, the hard work, the having to say no to certain things so that they can work on their business to scale it even faster. I’m here to tell you that the time in your life is going to pass anyways so you might as well start now. I mean what are you really waiting for??

 Trying leads to RESULTS!

Whatever it is you truly want to be successful in CAN HAPPEN but you first need to actually start.

Why question every single thing before you even begin? I mean of course you want to have a plan, but if you question EVERYTHING that you do in your life look how many things you would never have learnt to do!

I mean look at yourself growing up. You went from not being able to walk to walking. You went frommake money online, my top tier business, MTTB, MOBE going in your diaper to being potty trained. You went from not being able to leave your moms side to getting on a school bus and traveling to school. You went from not knowing how to tie your shoes to being able to tie many different knots. You went from having no idea how to drive a car to getting your license. The list goes on and on. If you had questioned ALL OF THOSE THINGS you could possibly still be getting your mom to drive you everywhere at the age of 40. (some still do!)

To get better at anything to need to first start and see what it is all about before making any judgments about it. Success is not going to magically appear for you. (Though most people would like it to happen that way!)

 Take that GIANT Leap of Faith!

If you want financial freedom then start your plan today on how you are going to accomplish that plan of action. There are many different online businesses to join (just make sure that you pick one with a great reputation and compensation plan!) My favorite is My Top Tier Business.

If you want to lose weight and have more energy to keep up with your kids or just to be healthy in general, well then you need to set a plan on eating right, supplementing and exercising (did you know that our bodies are are 80% of what we eat and 20% of how we work out).

If you want to buy that new dream car, that new dream house, go on vacations once, twice, three times a year then you have to figure this out today!

I get so many messages asking how can I make $10,000 this month? Or I need to make this much money by this date, can you help me?? Well first off, that is not how this business works. Yes you can defiantly make that money and so much more but you first need to start. Everyone works at this business at a different speed; for some it takes longer then others to start making 6 figures a year, but it is defiantly doable! Take a look at these —> testimonials!

Stop doing the same things over and over again!

You need to first stop putting your life on the back burner! Nothing will ever change in your life if you keep doing the same things over and over and over again but expecting a different result! Get out of your comfort zone and get uncomfortable! That’s where ALL the magic happens!!

Oh, and for all of you waiting to win the lottery. There is a one in a bazillion chance that that is going to happen. (Yes I made that statistic up but I am sure that I am VERY close! Ha!)

If you want success in your life then you are going to have to make this happen all on your own. No one else can make the choice for you, no one can do the hard work for you and no one is going to soothe you and say it is going to be all right. Success is your responsibility! It’s all up to you my friend! Once you realize that then great things will start to form. Until that you are on your own and stuck where you most likely were a year ago.

Believe in yourself!

I started my online business well over 2 years ago and everyday I am learning and applying and making money. Why? Because I took the chance because I believed in myself in that I could do this.

I know that I am destined for great things. Never again do I want to work for anyone else but myself. A 9-5 job has no appeal to me whatsoever. My life on my terms equals being able to spend more time with my kids and living the life that I dream. Because of working from home I am able to stay at home with my kids when they are sick, I am able to drive them to school and pick them up. I am able to take vacations when I please (not when a block of time opens up at work), I am able to do what I want when I want. Its called freedom living.

When do you want to start living free??

Picture your life a year from now..

I want you to take a moment and think about what you really want your life to look like 3 months, 9 months a year down the road. Picture it in detail. Think of where you want to go this summer for vacation. Actually better yet, think about where you want to go three months from now when there is snow outside on the ground and you cant stand the cold! Think about the bigger house that you always wanted with the pool and basketball court. Thinking about the poverty stricken children in your community who you will finally be able to help cloth and feed. Think about the new Mercedes that you could have for being a top earner in your company!

All of that CAN be yours, but you have to want it and you have to actually START! How will you ever know if it is a good fit for you or not unless you start? Its time to STOP procrastinating and love yourself enough to WANT MORE out of this life!

This is my advice to all who question their own thoughts and whether they can do this: YOU CAN!

I hope that this has helped you; any questions or comments feel free to add me on Facebook and send me a message. I will be happy to help! Also if you have not yet done so make sure to subscribe to my FREE Online Business Bootcamp where I go over free tips on how to scale your online business!

Much love!

Dani’el Norman

7 Steps to Creating a Successful Online Business

Do What Makes You Happy!

I have a lot of people come to me when they first start this business asking me when they will get their first sale, when are they going to start making the money that they want to make, or how do I make a lot of money, or they even ask me why after buying traffic did no one buy from them.

Let me break this all down for you.

I have done a few businesses over the years and most of them did not make me happy (if they did I would still be doing them).

One of them was a network marketing company. Their vision is great, their product is amazing but it had me doing business in a way that I was not comfortable with. That is when I found online marketing.

I started learning all about this whole other world with my computer that I never even knew existed! I started learning about online marketing, affiliate marketing and I soon discovered all these people making thousands of dollars a day!

This way of doing business really resonated with me and I knew that if other people could do it then so could I!

Enjoy the Process

In this post I want to share with you what it will take to build a business that generates multiple six figures and hopefully you will enjoy the process in doing so!

Most people coming into this business want to get rich quick. (Understandable and a normal feeling to have!) BUT this is not a get rich quick business and it will not be easy. It will be a lot of hard consistent work. The rewards will defiantly be worth it if you keep your mind focused and work daily.

7 Steps to Creating a Successful Online Business

Step 1: Create a Blog for your Business

Do you need a blog to do this business? No, but to build a relationship with people so that they can get to know you and trust you you do! A blog is a perfect way to do so.

Blogs are an easy way to gain free traffic while building a faithful audience. Provide great content, teach others what they are looking to learn and show that you are passionate about what you do and you will have people buying from you without even having to ask for the sale.

People can get to know what kind of person you are through what you write about, how to interact online and the things that you teach. And if you are incorporating video marketing into your blogs then that is even more personal and interactive.

A lot of people can relate to me because they know that everything I am doing is for my children and to give them a better life and that is the very reason that they too are building theirs. Thy resonate with me therefore feeling closer to me.

You WANT to be building this relationship with your customers.

People do not like being sold to but if they see that someone cares about them, cares about helping them with their business trust sets in and the money will flow to you from the value that you add each day to peoples lives.

Step 2: Give People What They Want

So you have your blog set up, now what?

Well you need to give your customers what they want! Figure out your niche and what that contains. What do these people want to learn? What are they struggling with? What are their needs and desires?

When I first started with blogging, I had no clue what to write about but then my mentor taught me to work smarter and not harder. That meant that I needed to start reverse engineering other successful people.

What does that mean?

Well you need to find a few people in your niche and go through their content. What are they teaching? What value are they providing to others?

By doing so I was able to find out what their readers liked, what they didn’t like what was valuable content and I was able to plan around all that.

Once you know what people want you can then head over to Goggle Keyword Tool and look for keywords to rank for in Google.

It takes all the guesswork out of what you need to be writing about. Again it’s about workingOnline Business, MOBE, MTTB. Make Money Online smarter NOT harder ;)

When your blogging info helps others to identify and resonate with you then you become the authority figure and you do not look like some slime ball trying to pitch over and over what you want to sell to them.

From your blogging info alone (IF IT IS VALUBLE) most people will be sold on working with you anyways.

So go out and figure out what the market wants and give it to them. Do not over think it; do not get nervous or fearful. All that time spent thinking like that could have been better served in writing great content for your audience and making money.

Step 3: Collect Their Email Address

This business depends on email marketing and the most reliable traffic source that you will ever have is your email list.

When you build an email list of targeted subscribers interested in what you are selling then you are able to send them wherever you want them to go.

This business can be pretty unreliable in the sense that Google, Facebook or wherever you are getting your traffic from can change their rules and ruin your business over night. BUT nothing can ever take your email list away. If you have a list you will never go broke.

Everyday focus on collecting peoples emails and getting them on your list. From your blog you can do this in a couple different ways. You must first use optin squeeze pages and you can place that where you like on the page. I have a couple on my page. (look up, to the side and at the end of this post) You can also use banners. Make sure that it is visible and states what the page is and why they would want to optin.

Most people will not buy from you the very first time they see your offer but if you have their email then you are able to email them each day providing more value and allowing them to resonate with you and form trust which will lead to a sale down the road.

Step 4: Treat Them Like Your Best Friend

Most people in this business look at people as money, or a credit card and someone that has to give them their money. And that is the reason why most people fail in this business because they will never understand that this is NOT what this is all about.

If you want to do well in this business then you need to treat others like gold.

I have been on a few people email lists in the past and they are all about the sale and not just over one product. They are selling a new product every single day!!! They have no want to help others and are only out there for the money. “Who can I sell to today before they get annoyed with me and unsubscribe from my list”. It’s just not a cool way to do business at all!

Luckily for me I found a mentor right away in this business that taught me the right way to do business. I am proud to say that I have been very ethical in my emails and in a valued approach to this business.

I feel great everyday in knowing that if someone does not resonate with me it is not because I was being annoying or trying to get their money it is just because our energy to one another did not match. I am not for everyone just like you are not for everyone. We all resonate differently with others and that is ok. :)

Your income will reflect how you do business so make sure to do it with integrity. Think about how you want to be treated, think about what you would want to learn, and what problems do you struggle with? Benefit by helping others.

Treat your subscribers well and they will treat you well in return.

Step 5: Learn Different Traffic Sources

Lead generation is going to be the life or death of your business. Do not rely solely on Google to send you traffic. Once you start making money or if you have the money right now, start buying traffic to generate more leads to get them on your list.

No matter how well you treat your customers not all of them will buy from you. Some are freebie seekers that will never buy and others will just not even open one single email of yours. But all of that is ok because there are people who WILL buy but you need to be constantly adding fresh leads to your ever-growing email list.

If you are on a budget and cannot afford to spend money on traffic then you can start with free YouTube marketing, blogging and forum marketing.

If you have the money to spend on paid traffic then spend it on Facebook paid ads, Twitter paid ads, Solo Ads or PPC Goggle Ad Words.

These are all good sources and one is not better then the other, it will be up to you to decide which route to go. Take one traffic source and master it before going to the next one. Learn to be adaptable so that if something happens to one traffic source, you will be ready for the next one.

Step 5: Reinvest Your Money into a Mentor and Training

Time is money and you will never get your time back. There is no sense in sitting their frustrated and pissed off because you have no clue what to do and have no idea how to figure something out. It is always best to hire a coach or enter into a business that supplies a business coach for you. I would sooner pay someone then sit there miserable because I cannot figure something out.

If you do not have the money to hire a coach then figure out a way that you can afford it!

An important idea to note is that successful people know whom the best investment for their business is. It is themselves. Never cheap out on yourself for you are who is going to make this business work and only you will depend on how well it does.

Never make excuses when it comes to you and your business for you cannot afford to make these excuses.

Step 7: Enjoy the Process

I used to cry out of frustration and anger when I started this business. I was very much in debt and thought only of myself and how I was going to get through this. At one point I even stopped working for 2 weeks because I was very depressed. My faith in this business got me moving again.

I learned that I can either sit there stressed and trying to figure out what to do next or I can trust in the process of what is to come by putting in the work in and not second guessing everything.

Promise your self that you will go out there and be successful. The negativity needs to take a back seat because it has no room in wherever you are going. You need to take the notion that someone else has instilled into you telling you that you will get rich in 30 days in this business with doing very little work I’m sorry but ….. That is just bullshit and will never happen!!!!

This business takes work but you need to enjoy the process and trust in the process. Make a mental note to learn soothing daily and apply it and then teach it to others.

Do not EVER compare yourself to others. Some get this business right away, others it take s a little longer. Just stay on track, stay focused and motivated and you WILL get to where you are aiming to go.

So set the best attitude for yourself and go out there and learn and have fun while you do!


You can ignore all that I have said here and stay in the same place that you are today 3 months from now or you can take what I have said and start applying it today.

Take the notion out of your head that this is a get rich quick secret. Here’s a secret: THERE IS NO SECRET TO GETTING RICH QUICK!!!

Keep your efforts consistent and allow yourself to stay happy when doing so.

No matter what you do, learn the basics before moving on to the others tactics. If you take on to much at once you will become frustrated and angry and most likely resentful. (and that is when people quit)

Be passionate about helping others and you will always do well. Make others the main focus and not yourself. You will not be able to please everyone but have pride in knowing that you will help a lot.

I hope that this has helped you. Any questions or comments please leave below or add me on Facebook and send me a message!

Also if you have not yet done so make sure to subscribe to my Free Online Business Bootcamp for more awesome business tips ;)

Much love,

Dani’el Norman

How to Set Up your Blog the Right Way

How to Set up Your Blog the Right Way!

So you have a blog, you are ready to start using it, you are ready to start writing and you have NO CLUE where to start.

Well, I am going to help guide you through it right now!

First off what you write about must pertain to your niche. When you know what is involved with that then you will always have things to teach other about that niche. For example: mine is online marketing. So what do I write about? Everything that pertains to online marketing!

Your Blog Homepage

So on the homepage of your blog you want there to be “how to’s”, tutorials, value based videos, and anything helpful. You want to make sure that when you write about ANYTHING that it is value packed, over delivered and will help others. This is about everyone else and not just you.

You do not want to have product reviews on your homepage. You want those posts to be placed on “pages”. You do not want someone to land on your blog and find review posts as the first thing that they see. That to them will show them that all you are after is their money. No one likes to feel like they are being sold to and no one likes to feel like all you want is their money. You want to show them that you want to help them first, build that trust and then they will buy from you later.

You want to put keyword post to rank on “pages”. Those will be all the key words that you want to rank for and all the product reviews that you want to rank for.

The Difference between Pages and Posts

So what is the difference between pages and posts?

Posts are what show up on your homepage of your blog. A page is static, meaning it doesn’t move. On the front of a homepage on a blog, once you make a new post the one prior to that will move down and the new one replaces it.

On a page nothing happens, its just static. It just stays there and nothing changes, and the only way that you are going to see a page on a blog is if you link to it in navigation or you have a link to it in a post. That will be the only way someone will find a page from your blog. And that is what you WANT to happen.

Make sense?

Make Your Blog Homepage Inviting!

You want your homepage to be inviting and to get people to keep coming back for more from you. The more that they engage with you and the more that they read your content, the more they are going to start to feel close to you. They will then will feel as though they can trust you and that you are not just someone that is trying to market to them and take their money.

If you do not give people more value then what you take in monetary value then you are not going to make very much money.

Everything on your blog should be geared towards leading people to subscribe to your list over just making a purchase from you. Most people are NOT going to buy from you right away. People need the time to feel things out especially if it is a big purchase like MOBE. It is better for people to opt in to your list so that you can then market to them each day and then they have a chance to get to know you. From there they have access to your email, your Facebook account if you give them that (I highly suggest this) and then they can ask you questions which then gives you another chance to help them.

Your Blog is Your Long Term Investment

You need to start thinking of your business and your blog as a long-term business investment.

This is where people really go wrong when they blog. They think by putting out maybe 20 blog posts that that is reason enough for them to get traffic. You need to look at your blog as a long-term investment, something that you will still be using 3 years down the road to gain free traffic.

Over time Google will see your blog as an authoritative blog and send you more and more traffic. The value based content that you provide will grow many relationships for you. A blog is something that will make you money but if you are just starting out, it will not be right now. It will be 3 months down the road, or 6-9 months down the road. This all depends on you and how much you blog and if you are providing valued content.

The Plugins that I Use:

Now one thing that needs to be noted, you do not need 30 different plugins to make your blog amazing. You need to remember that plug-ins slows your blog down. You might not notice having high speed Internet but someone else with slow Internet WILL. And again, this experience is about THEM not YOU.

So make your blog user friendly and speed friendly. Make the experience an enjoyable and easy one for others.

1) I use my own custom post optins (you can use Optinskin)

2) Pippity (for pop ups)- Yes, pop ups can be annoying but it gives that other person another chance to opt into your blog, so it works extremely well in that regard.

This is a great one to use because after a person opts in to your bog pippity installs a cookie on that persons computer that way when they come back to your blog it will not pop up again therefore not annoying them again and again and again.

3) Digg Digg – this is for sharing your social media i.e.: Facebook, twitter, YouTube, pinterest, etc.

Video Marketing

Adding videos to your blog is a great compliment to any post or for standing alone as a video post.

If you have yet to start doing Video marketing I highly suggest that you start. “You don’t have to be great to start, but you need to start to get great.”

There are a few different avenues to use. YouTube is free to use and then there are other premium services that you pay to use such as Wistia or Vimeo. I would check out each of them to see which one works best for you and what you are doing in your business.

No matter what you use, making videos is an excellent way to gain free traffic, get yourself out there and promoting yourself as an authority figure.

Content to Generate Leads:

So when you are writing your posts and looking for what to write about and searching for keywords, make sure to choose keywords that not so many people are looking for to rank with.

For example, “How to make money online”. This is a very expensive keyword to try and rank for and thousands of people are trying to rank for it. Stay away from it and instead focus on keywords that 50-500 people are looking to find out more info on. More people will see your blog posts that way and from there: more potential leads!

Again I said this before but make sure you are putting keywords to rank on pages and value on posts.

When searching for free traffic leads make sure that you are doing product reviews even for the products that you do not use. Even if it is not apart of your niche. For example Isagenix. That is a Health and Wellness Network Marketing company that will need your help in staying away from asking friends and family to buy their products. They are going to need YOUR help with getting what they sell, online. Products like Visalus, Shakeology, Isagenix, Arbonne…they are all products that people are looking for online. Make sure that you are constantly looking for products to review to bring people to your blog.

Another great way to write great content is to reverse engineer others who are also looking to rank.

Pick a couple mentors that you look up to that relate to your niche and go and see what they are writing about. Take what they are writing (DO NOT COPY) and summarize their content and add more of your info to make it better! Look through for topics that they talk a lot about and ones that have a lot of comments and social media shares.

How to Structure Your Content

So you have your keyword and are ready to write a page review or keywords to rank. Always make blog posts, SEO, Make money onlinesure to put your top key word or phrase in your URL.

For example using one of my URL’s:

Next, you want to make sure that your main keyword is in an H1 tag and secondary keywords are in the H2 and H3 tags. You will find these tags on your word press site when you click on “paragraph” on the upper left hand corner when writing your page/post.

Your main keyword should be sprinkled throughout the content and have it one time in bold, one time with italic and underlined one time. Make it all flow and make it all separate.

 Basic SEO for your Blog:

I admit I do not do much link building for my pages/posts. I normally wait for them to rank naturally because I want to be seen as an authority figure in the market place. I throw in a few back links to help but I never plaster them with it. I allow others to link to me that way it allows Google to see that my posts are powerful and that people like them.

With that being said it is defiantly all right to build back links for your stuff using Link Emperor. BUT If you are going to use it make sure that you know what you are doing and are doing it properly. You do not want to get your site shut down.

When you are using anchor text to link to your site make sure that you break it down like this:

30% Brand Anchor Text (Carmen Dani’el Norman)

10% Bare URL (

10% Domain Name: (

10% Webmaster name anchor text (Dani’el Norman)

5% Generic anchors (click here, this blog post, check out this website)

40% Unique anchor text (this post on Google updates by Dani’el, Dani’el’s unique SEO process, Dani’el speaks about this topic here)

5% or less the actual Money keyword (keyword you want to rank for)

*** ALWAYS anchor naturally and stick to the plan above.

How often you should blog:

You want to be blogging daily around buyer keywords and review posts. Not only will you have much traffic coming your way, but you will also have people looking to spend money.

You want to be doing 2-3 value posts a week for when people land on your homepage.

Make sure to keep your affiliate links to a BARE MINIMUM. You do not want Google to see you as an affiliate site; you want to look more like an information site.


I hope that this has helped you, any questions or comments, leave them below or add me on Facebook and private message me!

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To your success,

Dani’el Norman